Diabetes Program

What is type 2 diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes develops when the body has been subject to high blood sugar levels during a prolonged period, spanning several years. To be able to use sugar as energy the body produces insulin. As a result of a high-sugar diet and the constant demand for insulin, the body tires and can no longer produce enough insulin to match the high blood sugar levels. 

It is estimated that 2 million Canadians are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes which is often referred to as late adult-onset diabetes. There are likely more, as it is a chronic condition with many people being unaware of the disease until symptoms such as weight gain, sugar cravings, and poor wound healing become apparent. 

With lifestyle and nutritional changes, type 2 diabetes can be well managed, and with time can often be reversed, resulting in balanced blood sugar levels, weight loss and more energy for you. 

I work using tools such as glucose monitoring systems (Freestyle libre), which allow you to track your blood sugar levels on a 24-hour basis. This information allows us to better understand how YOUR body reacts to different foods, the timing and intensity of activity/exercise on your blood sugar levels and so much more. With this data, we can create a balanced meal plan so you know which food to eat less of and those that work better for YOU.  

Education is key to understanding this disease and will lead YOU to a healthier lifestyle. Reclaiming our health is about understanding what, when, and how much eat as this has a major impact on our health. 


All consultations can be conducted by phone/Zoom/FaceTime in English or French.

Insurance coverage may vary, please check with your provider.

Payment options available for all packages.

Done with Diabetes program
420$ + HST

Done with Diabetes Program

420$ + HST - Payment options available

Initial consultation (60 minutes) 

  • In-depth health assessment
  • Identifying your health concerns and objectives with regards to your diabetes and lifestyle


6 x Follow-up appointments (30 minutes each)

  • Discuss your meal plan/recipe book and make any necessary changes 
  • Present and discuss your individualized health/meal plan and set objectives.

Diabetes is a multi-faceted disease, so every week I will be coaching you through each section of the program, we will set objectives for your to work on, as well as providing you with educational matieral specific to type 2 Diabetes, to support you on your journey to better health.

I will work with you, to help you learn, navigate and integrate all the information regarding diabetes and how best to manage it on an individual basis,  

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