About Me

I’m a wife, entrepreneur, and mother to two young adults, we have two dogs and a cat, I guess you could say its a busy household. I’ve discovered through the years that I’m a foodie at heart but, like most of us, I don’t have hours to spend in the kitchen every day, but making sure that we eat well is a priority. So, I understand the difficulties and challenges when it comes to food and families. 

I’m active and enjoy spending as much time as I can outside whether it be winter or summer. Music plays an important role in my life, especially at the end of the day, when I’m tired. If it’s my day to cook, I get in the kitchen put on my playlist and get cooking! 

I also love the connections I create with my clients, helping them understand and learn how they can reclaim their health without it becoming all-consuming, is why I do my work.  

Susan is originally from Switzerland where she met her Canadian husband whilst working at a global agribusiness company in Geneva. She then studied at the University of Brighton (U.K.) where she received her Nursing Diploma. As a nurse, she has worked on a variety of wards, such as surgical, medical, gynecological and palliative care. As a family Susan equally lived in the U.S., Argentina, United Kingdom – all of these countries have had an influence on Susan’s view of nutrition and food in general.

When their daughter was diagnosed as being gluten and dairy intolerant, Susan decided to take a new approach to health and trained as a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, with the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, where she graduated in 2016. The family finally moved to Ottawa in 2017 (after 30 years – her husband could no longer stay away from home) and is very happy to finally call Ottawa home after so many years of travelling.

Throughout the years, Susan has volunteered and worked combining her nursing skills and her love for food to help others improve their health.

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