Weight Management Program

How I work to help you lose weight

We will not only discuss your health concerns but dig deeper into your routines, lifestyle and family situation, as these are all factors that impact what we eat and our relationship to food.  With this information, I can truly create a meal plan which adapted and realistic to you and your situation. This is not a diet but a true understanding of how food can work for you. 

We will work together to help you learn, navigate and integrate the educational material provided regarding weight management and maintaining a realistic healthy lifestyle. 


All consultations can be conducted by phone/Zoom/FaceTime in English or French.

Insurance coverage may vary, please check with your provider.

Payment options available for all packages.

310$ + HST

Weight Management/Digestive Health Program

310$ + HST - Payment options available

Initial consultation (60 minutes) 

  • In-depth health assessment
  • Identifying your health concerns and objectives ie, IBS, Crohns, diverticulitis etc


4 x Follow-up consultations (30 minutes each) 

  • Discuss your meal plan/recipe book and make any necessary changes 
  • Present and discuss your individualized health/meal plan and set objectives.
  • Assess and evaluate your health changes
  • Adapt and modify your objectives and health/meal plan

Included with the package I provide educational materials

100$ + HST

1-Hour Grocery Tour

100$ + HST - Payment options available

Let’s go grocery shopping and help you understand and read labels so that you can avoid the pitfalls of food marketing companies. It is a simple way to make sure you come home with food that will not only feed you but nourish your soul! Included is educational material to help you get started.

120$ + HST

Introduction to Nutrition

120$ + HST - Payment options available

Not sure where to start?  An hour introductory session, which allows you to dip your toes in the world of nutrition. 

We spend 30 minutes breaking down nutritional and health-related myths so that we can build on a sound foundation. In the following 30 minutes, we discuss how these issues affect your nutrition and lifestyle coming up with a base plan.

I will also provide you with simple educational material to help you on your journey.

This appointment can be converted into a package for those who choose to do so.

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